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Welcome to Performance Energy Service, we look forward to having you as a part of our Safety Team. At Performance Energy we strive for excellence and encourage employee involvement where risk may exist. We consistently try to improve and reinforce safe work practices for all TEAM members. As a TEAM member we are asking you to be a part of our Safety Culture. A culture is a group’s feeling that everyone must cooperate for safety and that everyone in the group will try to behave in a way that protects each other’s safety. If you believe in safety for yourself and your fellow employees and act as if safety matters, the workplace will have an active Safety Culture. All employees and managers should preserve the health of all employees, reducing the potential that harm will come to any employee of the Performance Energy Service workplace community.

But growing a safety culture has a meaning in Performance Energy as well-the shared perception or belief that everyone holds inside the workplace. This is the shared sense of wanting to avoid injury or harm to you and your fellow co-workers.

Can every Performance Energy Service worksite have a safety culture? YES

Ronnie Bayless, B.Sc. Occupational Safety and Health
Performance Energy Service VP of EHS


Here are some of the participants in creating a safety culture:
  • The Chief Executive Officer, who expresses support for safety and shows it by his or her actions and decisions.
  • The Senior Management Team, who consistently support safe work conditions and obtain safer equipment and tools to complete tasks.
  • Front-line Supervisors who correct behaviors and obtain the right equipment.
  • Workers (you), who want to be safe and who have the most to lose from unsafe workplace.
  • Purchasing Officials, who ask about safety when buying materials and equipment for use in the workplace.
  • Lastly, the Safety Professional, who guides, encourages, and directs safety efforts and provides information and resources for hazard identification.

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